Plant Pot Stand/Stool

Plant Pot Stand

Plant Pot Stand/Stool

This plant pot stand is made from treated wood readily obtained from any DIY stores. The dimensions are not that critical.

I finished both projects with a water based wood preserver in a nice shade of green.

Approx. dimensions of stool (425 x 300 x 300)

Plant Pot Stand2

Garden Stool Assembly Guide for Dummies

To make the stool assemble three pieces from the cutting list, two pieces 16”x 4” and one piece 10”x4”


Using the thickness of one of the pieces of wood as a guide, assemble the pieces in the way shown. Use a pencil to mark the positions of the pieces.


pilot holes with a small drill perhaps 1/8” or (3mm) and then assemble one end
of the stool with four 1 ½ inch (32mm) cross point screws.


To make the stool two of these assemblies are required.

join these two assemblies with two pieces from the cutting list 10”x4”
(250×100) using four 3” (75mm) cross-point screws after drilling 3mm pilot
holes. Do the same the other end.


Finally secures the slats to the top of the stool with 1½” (32mm) screws. Five pieces 2”x 1”x10” (50x25x250) will complete the job.